Language Courses

Semi-Intensive Courses

It consists of 10 lessons per week and it is very similar to the General Course, but this is more suitable for those students who don’t have much time to come to the lessons. So if you are living in Granada and would like to improve your Spanish, contact us and we can offer you a customized course that suits your requirements.


General Course

This course consists of 20 lessons per week and is suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced.  The aim of these classes is to develop a good level of linguistic competency from the beginning, concentrating on reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.  The course consists of varied activities using a number of different materials such as videos, DVD, books, magazines, newspapers, games, etc. Classes are designed to maximise the use of conversational Spanish and introduce colloquial expressions.


Intensive Course

The Intensive course of 25 lessons per week is designed for those who wish to maximise the use of their time.  An additional 5 hours per week are used to reinforce and amplify the topics covered in the general course.  These classes play an important role in improving the level of communication,

competency and fluency.

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