I.D.E.A. consists of 6 distinct levels from A1 to C2, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.  The courses ensure progressive learning, from the initial basic structures and functions, to a deeper knowledge of the natural, spoken language involving usage of a wider vocabulary and colloquial expressions.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate stating your chosen course, the number of hours you have attended, and the level that you have achieved.



This level is of vital importance, as these classes focus on establishing the fundamental basics of the language.  In this first contact we will concentrate on the initial vocabulary, pronunciation, basic structures and forms of communication.  The high intensity of this first level will ensure that you will be able to confront various situations and discussions in the Spanish language from your first day.



In this level you will strengthen your knowledge of the basic structures that you have learnt previously, reinforcing your level of confidence when using the language.  You will see your linguistic competence developing to encompass a wider range of vocabulary and a better grasp of the more advanced structures.  The topics in the class will also increase in complexity, encouraging further use of the language in conversation and discussion.



It is at this level that you will really see your fluency developing.  You will study more formal, complex and functional structures in different contexts, with an expansive vocabulary allowing for a wider range of topics in all four skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Teaching materials will become more diverse with the use of newspaper articles, television news, literary texts and Spanish films.  It is in this level that you will also start to come to grips with the “dreaded” subjunctive.



Although at this level your confidence will have improved and the spoken language will seem much easier and less intensive than the previous levels, the commitment and effort required from both student and teacher is considerable. The aim is to put into practise and perfect the skills that you have previously acquired.  Emphasis is on fluency, complex structures, technical language, colloquial expressions, and different dialects, literature and culture of the Spanish speaking world.

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