Specialised Courses

Spanish and Latin American Culture

These 5 lessons per week focus on various themes relating to Spanish and Latin American culture.  In order to fully understand a language it is important to learn the culture and way of life of the people.  In these classes we offer the opportunity to learn more about the history, art, geography, customs, music and gastronomy of the Spanish and Latin American communities.


DELE - Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)

This is the only official qualification recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education for Spanish as a foreign language. The course consists of 25 lessons per week and focuses on preparation for the exam which takes place in Granada several times a year.

Classes are specifically designed to cover all sections of the exam and offer you the chance to practise with past papers. In order to make the most of this course we recommend that you study with us for a minimum of 8 weeks prior to sitting the exam except for the initial exam, which requires a maximum of 4 weeks. The school will organise all the necessary papers for your inscription but the exam fees are not included in the price of this course. We will need a minimum of 8 week notice to organise your exam entrance papers. For further information regarding dates and prices of the exams, please contact our customer service team.


Business Spanish

Spanish is now the second language in international communications and our course has been developed with this in mind. It involves the learning of specific language relating to the world of commerce. Subjects covered include Business Organisations and Structures, Finance and Accounts, Marketing, Economy and Human Resources.


Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language

Designed for recently qualified and experienced teachers of Spanish in schools, colleges and universities. This course consists of 10 to 20 lessons/week and includes classes of both theory and practise.  The content is orientated towards the needs of the pupil, and as interaction is fundamental there are opportunities to assist in real classes as both teacher  and observer.  The topics discussed in class are varied, including a critique of Teaching methods and theories, Classroom management, Language skills, Preparation of activities, lessons and courses, Elaboration of texts, Use of audiovisuals and Evaluation of classes.


Group Courses

This course is aimed at groups of a minimum of 10 students, from schools, colleges and universities, who want to come to Spain to improve their language skills and learn more about Spanish culture. The language classes are complete with extra curriculum activities such as lectures, guided tours of Granada and places of interest throughout Andalucía, films, sports, dance, Tapas nights, etc.  As with the language classes, all activities are organised by our dedicated team of staff.  In order to adapt the programme to your personal needs and preferences please contact us with your requirements.


Translation (Individual)

The translation course involves both oral and written translation. We can offer one-to-one classes for the following languages: English, French, German and Italian.


Private Classes

For those of you who want more personalised attention we offer individual classes where you can concentrate on your own specific requirements. Whatever your specialised field may be we can adapt and create a course to suit your personal needs.  With this option you will need to contact our customer service team in advance to discuss your requirements.


Spanish and Latin American Literature

This is a great way to fully understand the richness of literature within the Spanish-speaking world, which has a long and distinguished history. The study will not only focus on the works themselves but also on the historical context in which they were written. Additionally, we will be looking at traditional, modern and alternative writers to broaden your experience. The course is designed for both those who have only just been introduced to Spanish literature and also those who require a more in-depth understanding. Your contributions and participation within the class will be fundamental, and we will be asking you from the start what your interests are so that we can adapt our program to your preferences.


Skype lessons

If you can’t come to Granada to study with us, don’t miss the chance to improve your Spanish from home. We offer you one-to-one lessons with a Spanish teacher. Many of our former students are still studying with us via Skype and they are very happy with this way of learning Spanish.



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