General Courses

i.d.e.a. offers a wide variety of courses that can be adapted to suit your needs. These courses are flexible and can be combined to fit in with your own requirements. You can complement your language course with additional classes in Spanish literature, culture, dance, etc. If you have any queries regarding the selection of your course please get in touch: we are always available to answer any questions.

All our language courses have a maximum of 8 students per class which allows for personalised attention from our highly qualified and experienced teachers. Each class lasts for 50 minutes apart from private lessons, which are 1 hour.

Language Courses

Our language courses are suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced. We aim to develop a good level of linguistic competency from the beginning, concentrating on reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. We use a variety of materials such as videos, books, magazines, newspapers, games, etc. Classes are designed to maximise the use of conversational Spanish and introduce colloquial expressions.

Our general language course consists of 20 classes per week, and we also offer an intensive course (25 classes/week) and a semi-intensive course (10 classes/week).

DELE - Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera

This is the only official qualification recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education for Spanish as a foreign language. The classes are specifically designed to cover all parts of the exam and offer you the chance to practise with past papers. Our students have an extremely good record of success in DELE exams.

The school can organise the paperwork to enter you for the exam, but we need a minimum of 8 weeks' notice. However, please note that exam fees are not included in the price of the course. Please contact us for further information regarding dates and prices of the exams.

Private Lessons and Skype Lessons

If you would like more personalised attention, we offer private classes where you can concentrate on your own specific requirements. Even if you can’t come to Granada to study with us, don’t miss the chance to improve your Spanish from home: we also offer one-to-one lessons by Skype. Many of our former students are still studying with us via Skype and they are very happy with this way of learning Spanish. Please contact us in advance to discuss your requirements.

Spanish and Latin American Culture and Literature

In order to fully understand a language it is important to learn about the culture and way of life of the people. Our Spanish and Latin American Culture course offers the opportunity to learn more about the history, art, geography, customs, music and gastronomy of Spanish and Latin American communities.

Our Spanish and Latin American Literature course is a great way to discover the richness of literature within the Spanish-speaking world, which has a long and distinguished history. As well as the works themselves, we will also look at the historical context in which they were written. The course is designed for both those who are new to Spanish literature and those aiming for a more in-depth understanding.

Summary of our courses


Number of classes



GENERAL 20 classes/week All levels 50 minutes/class
INTENSIVE 25 classes/week All levels 50 minutes/class
SEMI-INTENSIVE 10 classes/week All levels 50 minutes/class
DELE 20-25 classes/week A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 50 minutes/class
CULTURE 5 classes/week A2 and above 50 minutes/class
LITERATURE 5 classes/week B1 and above 50 minutes/class
PRIVATE LESSON Flexible All levels 60 minutes/class
SKYPE LESSON  Flexible All levels 60 minutes/class

Please note: If there is only one student in the group, the classes will be taught on an individual basis (one-to-one). The price will be the same as for a group course but the classes will be 30 minutes long.

What our students think of i.d.e.a.

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Shannon United States

We have had an amazingly positive experience with the language school i.d.e.a. in Granada. We attended there for over a year and were extremely happy with the school and its teachers. They are very responsive and will adjust everything from curriculum to homework to schedule depending on what you might need as a student. In addition we have become friends with every teacher and all of the long term students that attend there. Finally, the students are very diverse and come from all over the world, all professions and all ages.


i.d.e.a.'s Dele Superior (C2) classes are excellent.  Our teacher, Cristina, has been teaching classes for this exam for a long time.  She knows the exam inside out and so could give us some really helpful exam technique tips for all parts of the exam.  Her grammar explanations were what is needed at this level - in depth and precise at the same time.  The classes were really enjoyable and fun in addition to stimulating and value for money. I passed with 87% so I'm very happy!

Belinda Holland

Estuve dos veces en i.d.e.a., para no olvidar mi conocimiento del idioma y mejorar mi nivel. Cada vez ha sido un placer estar allí. Los profesores eran muy buenos y muy amables y aprendí mucho! También lo pasé muy bien con las actividades organizadas por la escuela. Como excursiones a la Alhambra y noches de juerga en Granada. También la familia en la que estaba era fenomenal. Me sentía como en casa!

Jane UK

I went as a complete beginner and learnt more in 2 weeks than the evening classes I did the following year back in England. Everything was brilliant from the teachers to the excursions and host family.

Solene Switzerland

En i.d.e.a. se puede aprender español muy rápidamente gracias a la motivación de las profesoras y al tamaño pequeño de las clases. Aprecié muchísimo las actividades organizadas después de los cursos y me permitieron aprender mucho de la cultura granadina sobre las fiestas, la comida y la historia. Muchas gracias a las profesoras por integrarnos a la vida social en Granada.

Perla Iceland

This is an excellent school that will leave every student with great memories from Granada. The size of the school and each class is very manageable and makes it possible  for each student to get thorough instructions and teaching. The teachers are amazing! They are people you will never forget and you will learn a lot from. It’s a fun environment, there are a lot of activities organized from the school that bring students more together but also push them into ‘the Spanish world’ loved it!