i.d.e.a has been teaching Spanish as a foreign language for over 15 years. It is centrally located in Realejo, one of Granada’s most emblematic districts. The school is small and friendly, with close contact between students, teachers and other staff. This ensures that you’ll always get individual attention, both in and out of class.

General Courses

Our language courses are suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced. These courses are flexible and can be adapted to suit your needs.  You can complement your language course with additional classes in Spanish literature, culture, dance, etc.

Group Courses

Our group courses are aimed at groups from schools, colleges, universities and other institutions. We can put together a customised package that combines language classes with extracurricular activities such as guided tours, films, lectures, dance, tapas nights, etc.

Discover Granada through Spanish

This course is specially designed for people over fifty who have always wanted to visit another country to learn the local language. If you enjoy travelling, feel young at heart and have the time and enthusiasm to discover a new culture and new experiences, now is your moment.

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Se acerca el día de Andalucía, un día de fiesta para todos los andaluces. ¿Por qué el día 28 de febrero? Porque un día como ese de 1980 los andaluces votamos el referéndum para apoyar la creación de nuestra Comunidad Autónoma y así tener un gobierno propio. Hemos luchado mucho y seguimos luchando mucho y nos sentimos orgullosos de nuestra tierra.Continue reading